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Clinical Director
Dede Beasley, M.Ed.; L.P.C.
"I'm in"

When the founders of HHHvets were referred to Dede Beasley as one of Tennessee's most experienced and successful psychotherapists for people attempting to cope with all sorts of mental and emotional health issues in their lives, we were delighted to learn that she was willing to spend unlimited hours discussing with us the challenges of setting up an Equine Assisted Psychotherapy program for PTSD-coping veterans and rescued horses. We quickly learned that she had a great breadth of insight into the practical considerations of how to effectively deal with these people and horses, and an abounding compassion for people and animals.

When Dede learned that our commitment is that NO VETERAN SHALL EVER PAY A NICKEL for our services her responses to our requests for startup advice changed from "here's what you should think about doing" to "this is what we need to do. I'm in!"

As she continues to run and build her private practice, Dede generously spends untold hours each week as our volunteer Clinical Director, writing and constantly refining curriculum, serving on the client screening committee, recruiting and training volunteers, and leading our EAP class teams.

Please check out Dede's website to learn more about this dedicated and generous woman. Note that Dede offers group and individual sessions, including corporate workshops for management and employees.

Dede is a sought-after speaker in her own right, and is a valuable member of Heroes and Horses Healing's speaker team that is available to talk to any corporate, civic, church or school group about our program.

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